Wednesday , July 28 2021

«Egypt Charity» sponsors 250 female manufacturers in the kindergarten village

"Egypt Akhakhar" sponsors 250 women producers from the villages of Al-Raudah Sakar News, referring to the Al Shorok portal, we publish you «Egypt Akhakhar»; 250 women in Al Rawada village, 250 female manufacturers sponsored, «Egypt Akhakhar» Al Ragida village Sponsors manufacturers With the best known news, sponsors 250 lady producers in «Egypt Good» Kindergarten Village.

صقر News Egypt Al-Khair Foundation presented memorials to visitors of Al-Rawada village in the North Sinai Governorate in the center of Bir Al-Aabad, during inspection of village women's products.

Responsible for the production of handicraft products to support the foundation for women in the village and providing tools for women's production, and then responsible for marketing these products in various ports of the Republic of the Republic of the organization.

The official explained that the foundation sponsors 250 women and girls of the village in embroidery and weaving work.

The Chief Minister of the Arakaf, Major General Mahmud Sharau, the local development minister and Governor of North Sinai, Major General Mohammed Abdel-Fadel Shusa visited the village at the head of a large officer and popular delegation.

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Source: Shorok Portal

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