Saturday , June 19 2021

Egyptian face in Hong Kong squash championship

In the 32th round of the women's singles, Roum Al Arabi will face Kazakhstan's open squash.

The Egyptian squash player RANI ALBABIA qualified for the 32th round of the Hong Kong Squash Open. In the 64th round, she defeated rival Rachel Arnold 3-2.

Rowan was followed by the fourth Egypt, with Saad Salem, Mayar Hani, Hania Hamami, and Sinah's son, who won at the 64th.
The Hong Kong Open Squash Championship is one of the largest squash tournaments in the world, with men and women receiving $ 164,000.
Noor El Sheburni and Mohamed El Shourbagi have won the last year's championship title.

In the women's event, the world number one Nur al-Sherbini will face the English sang Jan Beri of Semina McCain of Belgium's Neal Gayce.
Hania Almamy meets with American Olivi, presenting Noor El Tibe Fiono Muppili.
In the 100th round, Egyptian players Nuru Gohar and Salma Hani participated in the tournament.

Mohammad al-Shorbagh will next face Ryan Kusli and Mohammed Abu al Ghar of Australia.
Ali Faraj, Tarak Mummen and Karim Adel Abdel Gawad are the first in the competition. Omar Mussad and Nicolas Müller meet.

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