Wednesday , July 28 2021

FilGoal | News Competitive Committee Decisions – Stop Tigris Coach and the Administrative Pyramids … and Penalties on the Union

The Competition Committee of the Football Federation of Football announced the suspension of Wadi Della Koch coach and the Wadi Douglas Club director Vallad Badar.

The committee decided to stop the Greek coach Tocci Jonieus, with a fine of £ 20,000 due to the dismissal during a team match with the pyramid.

Managing Director of Paramids, Valid Beder, decided to pay £ 20,000 for fine for the collective reason for two games and a fine of £ 20,000 on a fine pyramid for the said words, which led to the suspension of the game.

The committee decided to suspend the General Taliban Army's General Coach, Hasan Abdul Latif for the expulsion due to the unpopular behavior of four times during the team's match against PetroZet.

Eventually, the Competition Committee decided to charge the Al-Etihad Club of Alexandria for 20,000 pounds to repeat the collective youth during the Enpie match in the 15th round of Premier League competition.

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