Sunday , February 28 2021

Filollal | Al Vesel recognizes the capacity of the 25% stanium of the Al Ahli fans' stadium

Dubai: The final price of the Arab Cup championship will eventually be handed over to the UAE's Al Wasl Club, the UAE's ally.

UAE's 25th stadium at the stadium of the Ally Ahli fans The club has received. It's about 2300 viewers.

Emirates Club ticket rates range from 50 to AAD 150 to AED 300.

At the end of the Arab club's championship, Al Azhal is on Thursday at the hospital.

In the first ball of the first over, Alsveli took two spots with Al Hasan.

Al Ahli aims to achieve a positive result by gaining or winning two goals to qualify for the quarterfinals of the competition.

What is Al-Ahl's best form before Al-Hasel?

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