Saturday , July 31 2021

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Scientists at the Cancer Research Institute in Britain have found that menos sugar, which is used as a dietary supplement, can slow down the development of malinisciences and increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

According to UrekAlert, the researchers added manose sugar to the water and gave directly to the laboratory rats suffering from various types of cancer through the mouth, which showed that it slowed down in the development of tumors without any side effects.

In the second phase of the study, the rat was used in chemotherapy with cisplatin and doxorbicin. Menos Sugar does not slow down the development of weak nodes, but also extends the life of rodents.

As is known, cancer cells need to grow glucose, whereas manz can prevent carbohydrates from taking carbohydrates in the cancer cells and healthy tissues prevent them from doing this.

This effect of sugar menus has been tested by scientists on various malignant tumor cells including leukemia, bone sericoma, ovarian cancer and intestines.

Some cells interacted with menos, while others continued to multiply and develop, so the scientists decided to continue their studies to find out why the sugar influences on infected cells and why cancer is effective in treating humans with cancer.

Source: Linta Rs.

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