Thursday , June 8 2023

Follow up of Sudanese deaths in Mohammed Ramadan's wife's car


The Kardasai prosecutor, counselor Walid Siraj, Karadasa and the First Prosecutor of the Imbaba Provinces, investigated the murder of a Sudanese citizen and the killing of two Taiwanese nationals during the clash with the wife of Mohammad Ramadan artist and the prosecutor ordered the director for four days.

The prosecution heard the wounded in the incident and said that the deceased was buried after the embassy in Sudan had been notified.

Investigations by the Islamic Shaker, the Karadasa Prosecutor's Office and the Center of the Babybear Center showed that while Hyundai Verna traveled to the Lebanon Square on the 26th of July before the Vodafone Tunnel, five people, one Egyptian, one Thai and one thai friend and a fifth Sudanese. He left the car on the sidewalk, then stopped by the width of the road.

The tests showed that just after the car stopped on the road, a black Chrysler car bearing the artist's wife Mohammed Ramadan and his wife-led girlfriend hit a parking car on the right, injured by Egyptian Hyundai passengers , Thai and Thai counterparts with baldness, torque and minor injuries. His 41-year-old Sudanese friend led with severe headaches abnormally due to bleeding in the hospital and died an hour later.

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