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He died in the Ramadan breakfast list. Approaches in the life of Hussain Al Sherbini


Hussain al-Sherbini Ahmad al-Sherbini, Hussain al-Sherbini, was born on November 16, 1935 in Cairo, to a family of Sherbani Dakhmalia.

Al-Sharifi's relationship with the late Al Sharqi was introduced to the Faculty of Arts of Cairo University in 1954 when he was studying the meeting and psychology of the Archdiocese.

In 1958, he graduated from the Faculty of Arts and won a Dramatic Arts degree in 1960. He was an advisor to the Department of Art of the Faculty of Arts of the University.

Asset, the first decision to hire railway authorities in Egypt, refused to take a job, and decided to leave the state of Asset, and left 11 days later to return to Cairo for a reporter for the Republic of Egypt.

He was the director of a newsletter on Egyptian television in the sixties of last century. However, the love of the audience became disturbed and acted in a television theater. Rent apartment, my son, public travel, including travel to movies.

He won the Best Actor twice at the Cairo International Film Festival and in Dayser and Gerry Grant. He received the "Artist of Modern Talent" award. from the lost part of his left prayers out to al-serbini kalmudrayute since 2002, is preparing to make a kalarupattil serbini prayer, he lost his balance, his right leg ended fibers and, in his last days, his daughter Sankranti, suhah daughters and his wife, Noah ennivarkkeappamulla his avasanadivasanna For celavalikkukayayirunnu. They approached God and offered them for worship.

Medha Mehmood Saad of his House program came out of a host of host and watched bad health and uttered voice for his wife. He always returned to television and addressed his wife: "I'm watching television, I'm the second television".

In 2007, he died in Ramadan on breakfast at Mysore. Cairo died at the age of 76 at the Raba Al Adwiyya Mosque in Nasr City, the governorate.

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