Wednesday , August 4 2021

Here's how to increase the players' prices unnecessarily

Majeed Abdul Ghani criticized Ali's former star, which has been the policy of follow-up in the recent times, keeping in mind the loss of two rounds of Ahli in these days.

Abdel Ghani spoke to, and refused to download coach Patrice Carter's responsibility to return to the result.

"It's not the case of Cartieran alone, but there are players," he said. "Al Ahli has unfortunately signed the players which we have not seen till today."

Adding: "Ahli paid a large amount of money and raised the market at unnecessary cost, which makes the players not participate in most of the money."

"Al-Ahli plays with old players, some of them are not able to give anymore and there are players who are not allowed to wear al-Ahli shirts from the ground."

A member of the board of the Egyptian Football Federation said, "Who signed the contract with the players who are not eligible? Who will be responsible for this contract?"

Al Ahli, after a 2-2 draw in Burrah al-Arab, kept the ground goal after Al-Wassal won a 1-1 win over UAE in the second round of the second leg of the Bid Base in the second leg of the Bid Base.

The team lost in the final of Tunisia's Espans in the Champions League final, which lost in the final for the second time in the league.

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