Wednesday , July 28 2021

I am thanking you for holding a woman in front of everyone who wants to carry out with them

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Thanks for reading the news about Simon for "Khairi Bishora": Thank you for holding a hand against a woman and now with news details

Cairo – By Mohammed's advice – artist Simone expressed his sincere appreciation to director Khairi Bishra for the first time in the history of cinema, one of the 100 most important films, Ice Cream in Glimmering, who told the audience.

She said, "I was honored to work with your audience, first of all to present the audience to audience and love me," we said, "We had won many awards in the first movie, a sweet day." I stood in front of a woman who handled everyone with her hand. Always an example "

She said, "I have sung a song in the most beautiful songs for Fawad Heddad (I'm free and died in death), and it has become one of the 100 most important films in Egyptian cinema." Pia lauded all the critics and audiences and knew the artists who became icons. It is a faith, respect and glimpses of ice cream, in a movie cinema and with its other signs in the sky and different from it and the eternal left, Ashraf Abdel left, Hussein Imam, Alala Wali Aden, The band is different with Ahmed El Nasser, Hisham Nazih, Yahya Ghanam and Music Husham. Honey, Asem Al Sayyad, Tariq Al Ta lem Kenny, Mohammed Al Marna Kandil and Mehtad Al Adal, and sang a song (I am my age, I do not want to be revenge). "

"And for this many reasons that are not enough for these lines, I thank you and you want more cinematic and artistic creations."


Thank you for reading the news of "Khairi Bishra" about Simon: Thank you, because you stand in front of Khalistani woman who wants to carry out everybody at Gulf 365 and tell you that the content of the subject was written on the seventh day and it was fully broadcasted or quoted from And you can read and follow the news from this source from the main source of the link. The next day, with the good wishes for Happy Day, we get this news The third is not responsible for the content.

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