Saturday , April 1 2023

In the Egyptian Museum 100 children celebrate their "World Day"


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The Egyptian Museum of Liberation celebrated International Children's Day at 10 AM on Sunday, in the presence of 100 children from hundreds of children from various educational missions in the intellectual school and in the presence of 100 children.

In ancient Egypt, children's toys, children's toys, various sports using pictures, presentations, etc., in ancient Egypt, in the education programs for children in this program, with guided tours of the museum, "Our children are the future of our children, such as" boy (Babylon, tuttan Human), some of the archaeological statues of N Sadikariccu.

The ancient Egyptian games were organized by ancient Egyptian games using the sports handbook, and used the sports handbook in ancient Egypt, and some artworks were performed during various art workshops, such as clay designs, clay and design.

Najia Nagu, chief curator of the Egyptian Museum, said the museum was interested in all aspects of the Egyptian society. The importance of developing the foreign economy of Egypt, the ancient history of Egypt and the promotion of knowledge about civilization is at the top of the list. .

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