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Lung cancer


Lung cancer is the most deadly tumor, feminine females, breast cancer, prostate cancer among men, one of the most common causes of death.
This is the highest percentage of cancer deaths. Hence, every year in the month of November, the World Health Organization will be aware of the dangers allocated every year, and like other cancers, the disease occurs at the level of gene genes, and makes them exceptional and contrasting.
Cancer cells are unusual and it does not work in their place, so the tissues are not healthy lungs, they may break each other and affect the natural and cancerous tissue around the cancer.
Spreading into the lungs, reducing the lungs capacity, sharing the body's oxygen and distribution of carbon dioxide.
In this regard, we explain lung cancer, the causes and causes of the disease, the symptoms appearing, the methods of diagnosis and treatment, and the healing of modern illness.

Cancer formation method

Cells of the human body are always renewed, the old cells die and are formed by new cells. The transition and revival of the human body leads in a precise, ostentatious and natural way.
The speed that the new cells are producing may increase in the number of required ones, and in the crazy form of the mass of the spindle in the normal cells, then the tumor is good.
Cells that collide with each other disappeared into other tissues, where they first appear first, to destroy them, to destroy the natural enemies, known as cancer.
At the level of a person's primary cancer of the building, a keasaman, it may limit its spread faster and in a way that the process of badhikkunnu.bharana aniscitatvattiladhisthitamaya madness in its embryo genetically ceyyunnu.kancakan with the Division of gravity of the body of man was handed over to the plain or the plain Rum does not.
Cancer affects the mother's womb to the embryo everywhere, increases the risk of infection and survival with children. All the organs, tissues, blood, and skin from the bones of cancer affect all parts of the body.

Kind of

The lung cancer type has two different types, the first is a small cell lung cancer, called oocyte cancer, because it forms the tumor otes.
About 80% of people with lung cancer are in such a slumped cancer cells. Cancer lung cancer in many types of brands 20% of these are found in lung cancer patients.
These types of cells grow rapidly and more aggressively attack the common cells. Each of them has a range of expansion and medical treatment. A cell scan reveals the quality of the lung cancer in the patient's body under the microscope.

Bancot tumor

The hat is a relatively large type of cell cell lung cancer that is called a barrageband or Bancoscent syndrome. This is known by the American radiologist Henry Banston.
This cancer is transplanted to the lungs around the chest and the skin, which forms and grows tumor. It has a nerve chain of nerve brachelial plaques, which removes the signal from the backbone to the shoulders, hands, and hands. Stretch to stretch
The pelvis has been injured in the heart of the limb, neck, chest pain, lungs and lungs in the lungs.

Not the same type

Adding chemotherapy and surgery, 35% patients with bandotine tumor have chemotherapy and surgery and 44% will be affected. It will be found on the half of the midweek of the chest before it can reach the limp nodes.
Bancost tumor harmonor syndrome causes This results in the destruction of a nervous system. It shows a part of eyelashes. This increases the level of clothing. Besides, the face, trunk and sweat are emerging out of arms.
Bancot tumor not only small-cell cells are not only lung cancer, white blood cell larynx carcinoma, gandular lung cancer, big cell lung cancer.

Step zero

While the tumor is small and does not appear in radiation, cancer cells are analyzed as a sampling of the lungs, and non-tiny cell lung cancer occurs in many stages.
Cancer cells that penetrate the lungs into the lungs penetrate into the deep lung cells called the first stage of the tumor. The second stage extends to fatal nerve lymph nodes.
Liver cancer cells are widely known in adjacent organs and adjacent organs, such as large blood vessels, diaphragms, chest pain and the third factor.
The second lungs, like the second lungs, brain, bone, liver, or adrenal gland, contain tumor and fatal cell clusters.
Small cell lung cancer is divided into two stages. In the second phase of the nearby cells in the insulin lungs, the inner lungs outside the lungs lead to chest tissue and telescope.

Smoking strikes people

Cigarette smoking 90% causes lung cancer infections. It gives an idea of ​​the cause of cell motion. However, the smoker's lung gradually loses pink and darkens the color of tobacco.
Cigarette smoke, which causes the bronchial tissue and the lung of the lungs in the lungs, the naturally occurring cassiconoproactive isotope rhodone and neotrophy indicate resistance to the deadly transformation of the cells.
The risk of lung cancer is to cigarette smokers known as harmful smokers.
Lung cancer increases the risk of substances such as arsenic, nickel, chromium, tar, asbestos, and radian.
Immunosupuppression, Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (HIV) or Immunodeficiency Inhibibilities increases the risk of lung cancer.
Recent studies have shown that a brother or sister of a first relative or lung cancer can increase the risk of infection.

Step IV

There are many symptoms of the patient, but unfortunately they do not notice up to years after the initial tumor has started. With the spread of the disease outside the lungs, it is only clear in phase 4.
Some symptoms of lung cancer are similar to many lung diseases. However, these are more severe in the form of a heavy cough. An exit occurs in blood, lungs and pain, chest pain, pain, and a lack of clot and color.
The patient's voice changes to Hussein, a bullet sound, continuous pneumonia and bronchitis.
The doctor diagnosed the X-ray diagnostic diagnosis, and the CT scan in the lungs presented a sample of the lungs and added a vertical lobster to collect a sample of waste lungs and send it to the laboratory to determine exactly the type of tumor.

Recurring disclosure

Respiratory cancer is more likely to survive if you are diagnosed with early diagnosis, but it is difficult to see the symptoms before it is late, so the smokers and lung diseases and the smokers should look after.
The diagnosis of early diagnosis increased with survival, and eventually lung monitoring observation begins.
Therapeutic methods apply to cancer types, chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, photography etc.

First ranked

Lung cancer is not 45 years old but it is rare before reaching this age, lung cancer is the first place in cancer deaths and cancer cases are the most cancerous decades for decades.
Lung cancer is killing 1,7 million people annually. About 90 per cent of all smokers are in the smokers and 87 per cent are smokers and 3 per cent are smokers.
This can reduce the risk of lung cancer, which helps exercise and maintain a healthy body. Such measures will be reduced by up to 20%.

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