Monday , May 29 2023

Nabil Abdelmaksoud reveals the reasons for the widespread use of tramadol among women


Nabil Abdelmaksoud, a professor of toxicology at the Faculty of Medicine at Kairai University, said there are several reasons for the spread of tramadol among women: the first is that she abused the prescription.

In an interview with "The Story" in Egypt's MBC satellite program, Amr Adib said that the doctor sometimes describes tramadol as an analgesic, but the woman repeats it alone, which leads to dependence, warning of abuses. Without a bribe.

He then added that there was another type of heroin when he stopped taking tramadol, so he did not feel the symptoms of withdrawal, but did not notice that they were on another addiction and could not stop using tramadol, pointing out that the price of the strip was black Market reaches 400 pounds, Some use a full band every day.

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