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Najibi and Haneeh train in Al Ahli


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On Friday, November 16, 2018, Nasheed and Hani were trained in Al-Ahli from Madinah.

Najibi and Haneeh train in Al Ahli

Abdul Hakeem Abu Alam Per capita per capita was published from 16th to 11th – 2018

Mohammed Nagub and Mohammed Hani were rehabilitated on Friday morning.
With the help of the Physical Load Plan team, Mohammad Najib was trained by Husain Abd al-Taim. He trained exercises in the gym before training him.
Recently Najeeb Madhusoodanan led the operation. The bat is a safe hammer in the Champions League final of the Champions League final.
In the 16th round of the Said Cup, Al-Ahlie prepared the UAE 22-midfield.

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