Friday , January 27 2023

Nightmare .. Future of electricity with Zhaml. Details about the girl's slaughter in Giza night … and ram said that her health


Specialists of the game, Mohammad Byoumi, announced the fate of the complaint of "Elephra", a complaint made by Jammak Club's first team sportsmaker Mahmood Abdel Monem against White Castle after the break from training recently.

It was reported that Khaira applied to the Football Association to break a contract with Zhamak and Al Ahli Club entered into strong negotiations to include during Mercato's summer transfer. Click here for more details.

Twenty girls had no way to escape from a sex party, because Sturgie and her student friend had settled in an apartment in urban areas, but due to being in the state of fatigue, she was refused to practice a vice, to kill a beer bottle and to live her life forever. Will end up for Details written by investigation and confession and amazing surprises

The 23-year-old prostitute and a 17-year-old agricultural secondary student were interrogated by West Giza Brigade Deputy Colonel Mohammed Ghorad. Al-Thalathini Street and offered to earn money and took it to an apartment in the first apartment used to go with its owner who is currently in captivity to drink drugs and likes to know it for free. Click here for more details

Rehme publicly announced this message. Video

Recently, Carau took advantage of the national team participating in the African Nations Championship and, despite the end of this issue and the focus of all the players and technical staff, and alkane meetings, they started their imagination through social networking sites to break the image of the great kings in African teams.

Ball experts asked first-team players to avoid any criticism from abroad because they tried to weaken the stability of the great kings after touching the victory and the players were not impressed by the recent confusion by the satellite channels of Egyptian enemies abroad. Click here for more details. Do it

Egyptian first school launch to develop digital skills
The Ministry of Education and Technical Education signed a joint cooperation protocol with Al-Alfi Foundation for Human and Social Development and IBM in the fields of digital technology to provide specialized academic opportunities in the field of technology qualified and provide expert skills and expertise for technical sector jobs. Is there. "New Caller Jobs", which does not require university qualification for 4 years, but requires specialized skills in technology like cyber security, cloud computing, digital design, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. T Click here

Casablanca receives 60 million pounds

Hutcha's artist Hassan Bulbul, joking about "You are not alone," started by Muftz Maart.
In a video posted on his social networking site "Facebook", Blal said in a video posted on his social networking site Facebook: "He wears naked clothes and hides masculine and sleeps and pretends to be Egypt and when You tell you when you are not alone. " You say, & # 39; You are not alone and you have already escaped & # 39; .. Click here for more details

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