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Our goal is to invest 4.5 billion pounds by the end of March 2019

Vodafone Egypt's President: We aim to invest 4.5 billion pounds by the end of March 2019. Saudi Arabia state: We aim to invest $ 4.5 billion by the end of March 2019. Vodafone Egypt's President: We aim to invest 4.5 billion pounds. By the end of March 2019, we will publish new news to you through your news website and start with the most important news: Vodafone Egypt President: We aim to invest 4.5 billion pounds by the end of March 2019.

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Vodafone Egypt's Chief Executive Officer Alexander Frotan said that his company's target is to invest 4.5 billion pounds in the current fiscal, ending in March 2019. The company aims to contribute to the development of infrastructure in Egypt. Invest in fiber optic networks and wait for the approval of the official organizations, so that the team is working to explain shareholders and investors in a parent company in England, and investing in Egypt and investment investment in fiber optic networks. True

Vodafone Egypt is eager to support and support the government in the financial transformation strategy, supports the transformation of the Critical Society and supports transit in financial inclusion, the arrival of approximately 5 million customers on Vodafone Cash, which demonstrates its importance in the financial coverage and participation of companies working in the field. Is there. Mobile, asserted that the Egyptian market is very promising in the light of the economic reforms of the Egyptian government, it explains that the population of Egypt is the most popular among the ages of the people of the Egyptian population.

Regarding Vodafone Egypt and Telecom Egypt, Freumon says: "Our relationship is very complex, Vodafone is a part of Egypt, we also participate in the mobile market. We are also providing customer service to each other. Partnership and Competition Integration, and Shareholder's Rights The real challenge of governance to retain ».

"In the coming days, we will work to achieve the spread of Vodafone Cash as a tool to achieve the financial inclusion and view of the critique of society in Egypt." He noted that the coordination and cooperation between Central Bank and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority and generally mobile companies, a large number of obstacles, mainly focuses primarily on the introduction of important services during micro-loans.

On investing in R & D, he told the photographer that part of the total return on investment is allocated to scientific research and development, which is divided into two parts. R & D charges are spent in various fields of direct technology, such as apps and AI

For the Internet, Alexander said that in the world of 27 young people in Egypt, Vodafone contributes almost 80 million Internet related devices to the development, management and management of the world.

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Vodafone Egypt: Our goal is to invest 4.5 billion pounds till the end of March 2019, follow us on our site's social networking sites to achieve a new site permanently.

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