Friday , July 30 2021

"Parliament news" 24 hours ". Request for briefing on mineral water bugged .. and Wafed Party secretary general" Abu Apartment "in Port Side

In the last few hours, Al-Fajjar Portlet has published important events related to numerous parliamentary news and House of Representatives, in which the most important bulletin is in "News of the Parliament: 24 Hours".

– Ask for a brief description of the existence of counterfeit mineral water on the parliamentary market
A moderate message addressed to the Minister of Economic Affairs of the House of Representatives, MP Rick Hussainen, is addressed to the Ministers of Health, Industry and Environment on the presence of mineral water, which does not meet the characteristics of "confusable", which harm the health of the Egyptians.

He requested that there are more than 30 types of mineral water in the Egyptian markets, although the Health Ministry has only given official licenses to 20 companies.

He emphasized that water companies are making huge profits at the expense of the Egyptian consumer's health, which are sold at very low prices, where small bottles are sold in 3 pounds and 10 pounds tourists attractions.

"Abukakah" announced the decision to stop the party's Secretary-General in Port Said
Bahad al-Din Abu-Zakka, president of Wafed Party, announced the decision to stop party General Secretary Mohammed Gadd at the port Said to be held on Thursday with the issue of the Supreme Court, to take a decision on making the right decisions.

– Concurrently request to equip controls on parliamentary social networking sites
Cabinet Minister Mohammed Abdullah Zee, Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbauli urged the Prime Minister on the need to equip the electronic controls including the Prime Minister's Social Media, to save the people of this area from their negative effects and to maximize the positive.

He said in a statement today that in recent decades there is a low cultural awareness situation due to difficult economic conditions resulting from the open positions of information and culture, as well as any information published through the information or communication published by the websites. Certainly not the acknowledgment of criticism or withdrawal, but the desire to appear in the inner parts of the world is the fall of some cultural implants, the spread of this information is socially very dangerous, because the recipient rejects the wrong information and maintains the belief of common belief, between and the government.

He emphasized that through the vast network of Internet networks, it became a hazardous tool and tool in the hands of extremist extremists and techfire claims. To spread rumors about the spread of civil and conflicts and the uninterrupted conflict cycle and to encourage dispute between civil and government and to spread trust and confidence between them and state institutions, the so-called electronic control needs to be implemented and means control and monitoring, sites and social media And blogs, which request extremism, and fight against the state And a call to bear arms, and the pages on the idea of ​​launching a terrorist poison.

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