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See Liverpool and Fulham in the Premier League


Mohammed Salah is leading a match between Liverpool and Fullham in the second game at 11-11-2018 at Anfeld, Ridge's stronghold of the 12th round of English Premier League season.

Fifham team directly against Liverpool

Liverpool has scored eight wins and three drones, while Liverpool has 27 points, 21 goals scored goal, 21 goals, five goals scored by Flehham, failing 11 goals and lost 29 goals. Liverpool and Fullham in BN Sports

Vs Liverpool vs FullHam

Liverpool's Mohammed Salah hopes that Red Star will try to beat the Liverpool and Fulham in the 4th round of the Champions League phase. Foolhham continues to be in the English Premier League to compete with Manchester City to compete with his fans.
Liverpool, Fulham, Liverpool and Liverpool coach jorgen's clop are hoping to win.

Fulham formation against Liverpool is expected

Goalkeepers: Allison Baker.

Defensive: Robinson, Van Dyke, Louwreen and Gomes.

Midfield: Henderson, Fendallam, Shakiri, Mohammed Salah, Saddo Mani.

Illegal: Feminho.

Liverpool and Fulham live broadcast live at Cairo for about two hours. You can see the third free audience in Saudi Arabia on Sunday 11-11-2018.


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