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Serial Serial Art Episode 124 Expert Dililis Ertugul Part V YouTube Watch Online


Our artists, our favorite viewer, Artegurl V, Part V Episode 124, Seria Argelgrale, Egypt, has gained a great success in the world of the Arabian world, a great success, Diriliş Ertuğrul is shown on a weekly basis to translate this episode into Arabic on several channels, multiple channels every week, Broadcast different Channels and RTVs To date, the series broadcast in Arabic, all five parts, including the owner of the rights to broadcast to the Muslim community, along with the site of light.

See a series on the Resurrection of the Resurrection 124 Section V

There have been many changes in the series in this series. We reached new stars and characters in the year 250. In the Arthur Gill, the fifth part of the resurrection depicts the Black Sea and portrayed the village of Yafa in Turkey. The enthusiasm to add to the historical events attracted millions of viewers into changing characters and decorative characters.

Part of the partial resurrection part D Diriliş Ertuğrul

Sultan bin Sulaiman Shah and Kafka his brother Gundogoha take a suitable place to live his clan, and the historic Argerlal reunion that surrounds the tribal lord's Suleiman Shah, demands it to fight and fight Crusaders immediately after the Fort of Saliba. That's because the Philippines divides the Muslim part.

In addition to these events, Sulaiman Shah's brother, along with the crucifiers, helps his brother kill him, change him and become the leader of Kabir. The events are exploding, we see that Seljuk's princess accepts the artist and loves them together. Ayyubid and Celje tried to stop fighting and stay away from each other.

It is interesting to note that you will follow the resurrection of Part V Vizode 124 in Aragagram. In 124, Late TV's site, which displays parts of the series translated into Arabic, connects with Kungus, son of son of Ragger Sulaiman Shah, and is being held there. How the Hulakha commander in Mongolia has won the secrets of the box and how to deal with Mrs. Abelin's son with his son.

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