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Sexual stimulants .. The parallel to the market and the underworld without censorship

Here are the details of sexual stimulation: a parallel market and a low world without censorship

At least £ 8,000 a small retail outlet sells on Thursday night

Social networking sites Azer is a merchant of a fake dope

38% of those with intensive care due to heart attack are overweight for sexual stimulation

Heiba ​​Qutb: Take the social pressure and the secret to lie down in the bedroom

Head of Pharmaceutical Division: There is no shell for manufacturing a stimulant medicine

Pharmacist Syndicate Secretary General on the Port Side: We do not have any judicial control over the crisis.

More than 10000 packets of sexual exploits have been seized on a campaign by police officials with inspectors from a public authority supervising the factory for producing drugs without license. What is it seriously, in the absence of official statistics from legal drugs, which is illegal in the country, subject to illegal selling, drug control and health problems?

The Drug section of the Dog Ali O`f in the Federal Chambers of Commerce shows that there is a lower house to have sex offenders without a license. These factories are commercially fraudulent and erratic in the printing press to support these illegal activities, sell products generated from censorship, and communicate these products, which are causing serious danger to the general public of young people and the general public.

"Default message"
The company or a clear valippamillennum adhealeakattinreyea this trade, it is now very janapritiyullatanennum, it has become a general merchant, social media sites and promote its marketing methods, tracking, promoters, men and women are not licensed because of the great public danger Elegant workers in this sector.

The Federation of Chamber of Commerce's Pharmaceutical Division of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce promotes the importance and necessity of media distribution, strictly regulates all outlets for the sale and distribution of such products and regulates the control of distribution companies distributed to them.

"No drugs produced"
Dr, who said that the proper name of these drugs is not drugs, and that it is sexual stimulants. Hiba Qutb says that the excitement of these products has created a market in parallel, the ignorance of abuse and misuse and the continuity of this phenomenon.

The products of the product in the parallel market trade and taxes, licenses, the state and the rights of others enninnaneyayal palakkunnillennum, the products in the state in terms of treatment costs bharamillennum badhiccavarkkavasyamaya the health of the abuse, medical statistics be 10 years before the license, In order to point out. Around 38 per cent of those admitted to hospital are under heavy attacks due to cardiac arrest. The patients in the intensive care unit ensure that the state governments spend huge amounts of money.

Sexual stress, social pressure and the fear of revealing material goodies Some couples have shown that some young people depend on their challenge in their marriage, and some young people depend on these products on "Dukla night".

"Thursday night"
Dr. Hiba Qubub sells the products for only £ 8,000 on Thursday night. The psychological factors of both couples and their health are the basis for establishing a successful marriage, and these products do not create excitement that sexually-pleasing and idiopathic treatment makes it easy for women to have sex in the snow.

Women are pressured to sell slogans according to sexual stimulus. Women have been stressed for some reasons.

"Sell through prescription"
In addition to the lack of awareness and control, Kutub said, not to allow these products to be sold with severe fines imposed by their manufacturers and promoters without license, and beneficiaries from health units deployed at centers and villages. Ensure the sexual integrity of young people.

"We have no power"
Pharmacists' Syndicate, Dr. Ahmad is a pity, pharmasisrrukalute syndicate the right to judicial control of the administration of this product, is the only integrated pharmakealajikkal Inspection praise and coordinate between them, the ownership of which have, of infringing the inspection of the police, the criminals control, a thief, or an unknown product to market sud'dhikari Cook.

Al Shoreouq added that 10 percent of sexual stimulation and sexual disruption for sexual stimulation are unknown. "There is no limit to sexual harassment registered by the Ministry of Health, he pointed out that indiscriminately from censorship.

The Union Guidelines and Guidelines have been pointed out to educate pharmacists, pointing out that the General Secretary of the Pharmaceutical Syndicate on the Port Side. Thus they can play the right thing in standing up for their legal or trade union responsibilities in society.

"Doing Secret Work Is Secret"
Daniel's Faculty Dean Dr, from Sharia University at Tanto University Saif Rajab said in Khasam. The owners of this license are prohibited from profits. Because they work in secret and violate the rules and practices established by the state in order to carry out such activities. Harassment is banned from censorship, as the construction of such uncompromised products threatens the public health of its users.

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