Tuesday , January 31 2023

Shell and Mobil's oil costs are excessive and consumers spend their advertising campaigns


Oil sector sources said that oil prices in oil and mozilla prices are highly exaggerated, are not compatible with the potential of the Egyptian market, and in the presence of other manufacturing competitions, there is a tendency towards products from other companies to avoid the exploitation of shells and mobil.

Sources added that for the "seventh day" high oil prices of Shell Oil and Mobil Company were largely exaggerated due to high publicity campaign, where both companies spend large amounts on production promotion and then brought to the customer.

Sources said that the high cost of advertising for Shell Oil and Mobil Company by the customer at the same time, the prices of oil products for national companies are lower for those companies.

Sources said that for the three companies following the petroleum sector, the national oil products have the same level of performance at par with the same quality products and similar standards and shale oil and mobilized products.

Sources said that the rate of increase per gallon, which includes 4 liters in the range of 80 pounds, explains that oil companies in Egypt get oil from AMOC and ameria oil refining.

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