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Soft Banking Fund funded by Saudi Arabia to raise $ 4 billion


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London, Nov 9 (IANS) The South West of Vision Fund is likely to raise around $ 4 billion to buy shares in the stock market. Goldman Sachs and Miucu are the companies that have been given the contract for the company.

For technical experts from Saudi market, this will be the first Test of Debt Investors' Personal Test. The crisis was caused by the death of journalist Jamal Kharagogi, who was mistreated by Saudi authorities.

The $ 98 billion Royal Fund is one of the largest funding channels for technology companies around the world. Saudi Arabia had donated $ 45 billion to the fund. Softbank affected the relationship between the Japanese company and the country.


Investors include other sovereign savings like Mubadala in Abu Dhabi.

A $ 4 billion credit facility was reviewed at a meeting at Ritz's hotel in London.

Vision Soottbank, Ober Technologies and Weyork for passenger services. Goldman Sachs and Mousouza have not yet responded to comment.

Saudi Public Investment Fund and Mubadala Fund do not form a formal guarantee for loans, but the presence of senior fund officials will be clarified.

The Saudi Public Investment Fund has recently raised $ 11 billion to boost the country's economic transformation plans.

& # 39; SoftBank Group & # 39; s signal that profits slump in the second quarter. Disclosed.

The Group's chief executive Masoyi Shah said: "We are still very strong in terms of opening up the second vision fund.

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