Friday , August 19 2022

Strengthening Plates of Ballroom Resort – 22 Million Pounds and 239 New Columns


Dr Barnum said that the voltage network of the Baltic Resort was replacing the discharge and institute of the 90-column voltage column. Ismail Abdul Hamid Taha said..

Nargis, Cinema, Vagi, Qatar, Transformers and Bartime Resort have established the low voltage and network of ten transformers in the city. The Garden of Kafar El-Sheikh said. Al-Fanar "program consists of 143 columns, 13600 meters isolated connectors, 626 isolated.

Resorts 20000m Average cable and 2 cells medium voltage east, 14 million to 503,000 pounds, average cable per 10000m in the east, 2 cels medium voltage resort westward distribution distribution network, 7 million and 452,000 pounds.

Minister for Electricity, Energy Mohammed Shaker, chairman of the North Delta Electricity Distribution Company, Aftah L Shafi and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Correction Assamese Al Qamtan. Solve power issues in the kaffar el sheikh .

Centennial and city pensions in Dessau, which distributed licenses distributed in September 2008, Ismail Abdel-Hamid Taha and Governor Kafer El Sheikh continued. In the 141 applications received from September 1 to September 30, the total number of applications for approval in the city of central and city was distributed during this period, issued 59 licenses, removal of 35 buildings, license removal, widths and lapses.

Allow a certificate of specific planning and design specifications for a specific period of validity for a specific period of time, and a statement of a specific statement within a week from the date of submission of the application and its executive regulations, If any objection is made to the statement of price rise in order to demand any provision of any committees without law enforcement or issuing the building permits and not providing for the law, only legal entities are permitted by law according to the legal instructions In violation of these proposals or violation of valid or license statements in violation of the law's terms, refer the matter to the applicant for the proper prosecution of the inquiry and immediately suspend, register,.

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