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Support for dismissal of 51 accused and 15 others in "Assassin Violence"

The Court of Cassation today alleged that seven defendants were sentenced to 15 years in jail and 51 defendants were acquitted and innocent in the case known as "Aswan Security Director".

This decision was issued under the chairmanship of Babia Libyan, and members of the Council were: Isab Abbas, Ayman al-Sahe, Raftat Sanad, Sri Jabar and Sachivalaya: Hana Gargiz, Mohammed Sayyed.

Qayu Criminal Court, headed by counselor Mustafa Lotifi, and two of his advisers, Esam Mohammed Isa and Sheriff Magdi were sentenced to life imprisonment in absence of seven people, sentenced to seven years for 15 accused and 51 accused in this case, in which 74 Brotherhood members, Aswan Security Directorate Accused of attacking him. , Number 5235 for the year 2013, the first section of Aswan's section, 2013 is prohibited by year 1318 for the year.

Following the events of the case on the 14th of August, 2013, in the fourth place and the resignation suspension. The accused accused Aaron of establishing the governor general office, attacking the security forces, arresting police officers and secretaries, and accusing numerous police cars and fierce friendship cinema.

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