Monday , May 29 2023

The European car, worth a million pounds, was sold after the customs were lifted


Customs Officials will implement the Customs Authority Customs Authority's order to cancel the customs duties of European cars if they get officially within 48 hours. The media was only published on this subject.

In the media, Imman Al Husari's & # 39; DMC & # 39; "Said Abdul Aziz, speaking in a telephone interview. According to a report released by the DMC, Egypt and the EU and countries on the basis of agreement between the European Union and cars oppuvaccittulla apply to the Customs Tax and Customs Authority, published by the newspaper lekhanannaleyalla limiting patramadhyamannalum 30%, but commercial and official decisions, the official letter from the minister of basic industry dhanakaryamantriyute Namakkiyan.

The price of a pre-taxed car of a million pounds was estimated at 2 million pounds in 2 million pounds. It is one third of the customs duty. .

The new decision will be taken to buy cars after the date of change of decision on January 1, although the owners of the car showrooms who bought cars before the decision are committed to the old price.

Asked whether the sales of cars would affect the sale of cars in the Egyptian market, he added that the answer to the question is not like the Customs, but the influence of other parties.

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