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The Hero of "Artegral Resurrection". Journey Between Theater, Television and Cinema


Egene Alatan Dosiyatan is a Turkish actor and star, who has won it in an array of international and international events in the series, the most notably the "Ertagil Resurrection", which is currently being shown and is enjoying extensive coverage around the world.

Altiin was born on 26 July 1979 in Ismar, Turkey. In the field of Dramatic Arts "July 9" graduated from the University. After graduating, he started acting in 2001 in Istanbul. He earned master's degrees at the Bahus Shahir University in advanced acting techniques.

He won the Best Actor Award in the Los Angeles Film Awards with his performance in "Perfok Abf Dennis". Alty participated in several plays, and for the program "Who Will Be the Millennium" was presented for Turkish version.

Altma worked in the Turkish series, especially the "Valley of Wolves". Altiin plays the role of acting in the series "Arjarelle Reznik" in Turkey and throughout the world, Artiglerin represents Bin Sullam Shah, and the "Artemiral Resurrection" premiere started in 2014.

The series of events revolves around the thirteenth century and represents the biographer of the inventor, Narcine Shah, the leader of the Kai race, Father of Autumn 1, founder of the Ottoman Empire (656 AH / 1258 AD – 726 AH / 1326 AD).

The "Arranger Resurrection" series has been broadcast in over 85 countries, and in the last three seasons it has seen 3 billion, and the current season is the last.

Alta is expected to take part in the sixth edition of the Doha Film Festival in Qatar from November 28 to December 3.

Happiness among the Arabs
In an interview with Al-Jazeera Mubarshar in March 2018, Al-Atan expressed his happiness in the Arab World's success with the success of the series "The Reservation of Artigrels", in which the parallels of the Arab and Turkish civilizations were talked, he asserted that he had such success Do not expect

"We did not expect to achieve all this success, and I noticed many comments in the Arab world, especially when we went to Arab countries, and noticed that from people."

He said that this historic person does not represent Turk alone, but he represents the Muslim world, which points to the success of the series in the revival and spread of Turkish customs and traditions in the world.

And the desire to play his role said that the real personality form is not easy, especially if it is so rich. He added that he should make the personality alive and character, and at that stage, to understand, and to deepen it, and in fact, people were thinking differently.

It also shows that the duration of the preparation lasted six months, and it involved learning about martial arts and using nature using sword and spear.

Alta declared that he was very impressed by Artgolf, who had risen about four years and was asleep and did not care for others.

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