Friday , March 31 2023

The price of the pounded dollar in today's trading


Monday (November 19) "Egyptians" provide a service to its readers to monitor the price of the Egyptian pound price.

The average price of the National Bank of Egyptian dollars was 17.78 pounds and 17.88 pounds for 17.64 pounds, 17.89 pounds, 17.89 pounds 17. Pounds 17.68 pounds 17.93 pounds.

The price of the Commercial International Bank for 17.77 pounds and £ 17.96 pounds will cost 17.85 pounds and 17.95 pounds worth 17.86 pounds, 17.96 pounds and 17.96 Pounds at 17.96 pounds.

The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank price rose 17.89 pounds and the sale of £ 17.99 in the National Bank of Greece at 17.86 pounds and 17.96 pounds at the National Bank of Greece.

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