Sunday , March 7 2021

The worst analysis .. the role of Core Marvan Mozhen appeared bad .. A "positive"

Former Egyptian Football Federation coach Iwad Mouteb said, "Fergus's former coach Hector Cooper's Marvan Monsen was accidentally defeated.

Muton is not the best player in the World Cup, "Metab said in an interview to the Opere Sports Channel." Personally, I did not want to play under a coupon.

"I'm going to go to the World Cup and everyone is saying that they are the striker who has failed," Cooper tried to interfere with the striker's high pitches, or even try to push him into the box. "

"Marvan Mozen was not too bad to play Cooper, and he's been doing great pitch to work together for the manager's way, and finally he will be replaced by another striker after 65 minutes."

Egypt is good attackers. Here's an opportunity to become Egypt's first striker. The breaker is a good striker. The rush to rule over them keeps them out of the picture. "

"Every striker must maximize its praise or give us the opportunity to see better and better to work well and to improve his quality."

"You have to be more optimistic, and you're making more effort to reach the goal," he said. "All his thoughts now show interest in the team, but he should be more positive in the future."


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