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USD Rate Now De-Lur Price Today Against Egyptian Pounds In Egyptian Banks And The Black Market Wednesday 14-8-2019


EGP rate from dollars Today, in the news of daily correction of daily prices, the follow-up to Egypt's latest currency rate against the pound, in the framework of the Arab4 News site, is today the Egyptian black market against the most important and most prominent of the banks in the banks and against the Egyptian pound, where US currency is the most prominent market trading. Currency. Egyptian.

Goods directly affect the exchange rate, the increase or decrease in the prices of all goods and products, and the dollar has significant stability against the pound in the last month of 2018 and the beginning of the new year 2019.

The dollar against the Egyptian pound on Wednesday

In this table we look at some of the most famous Egyptian banks in the recent US. Currency rates are followed by you, at the last price announced by those banks, and the dollar rate is updated daily in this table, where today the rate of the denomination by banks in Egypt

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Egyptian banks Dollar rate of purchase against Egyptian Pound Dollar Dollar Sale Price Against Egyptian Pound
Dollar rate in Egypt's Central Bank Is 16.5092 Is 16.6092
Dollar Price in Egypt's National Bank Is kept at 16.51 Is kept at 16.61
Dollar Rate in Bank Egypt Is kept at 16.51 Is kept at 16.61
Bank of Alexandria Dollar Rate 16.49 Is kept at 16.59
Dollar rate in CIB Is maintained at 16.48 Is maintained at 16.58
Dollar prices in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Is kept at 16.53 Is 16.63
Dealer prices in the bank udi d Is 16.52 16.62

The dollar rate in Egypt is on the black market today

US currency prices in the Egyptian black market are around 16.54 pounds compared to the £ 16.64 sold today, noting that these prices occur on the average black market for buying and selling dollars against the Egyptian pound.

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