Sunday , September 25 2022

Veterinary New Wealy warns that cattle and violent patients are free of immunity


The veterinary pharmaceutical directorate of the Wadi L-Gaddington has warned of the risk of failure of farmers and animal breeders at garrootore centers at centers in the governorates' migration vaccines, provided by Veterinary Services General Authority for Veterinary Services for cold and cold diseases, especially foot and mouth disease and immunization. Jehovah has anointed you with cattle, myrrh, and with mildew.

Director General of Veterinary Medicine in the province Abdallahid Sabir, in the statement of "seven days", threatens cattle and is widespread in view of the seriousness of immunity for immunization.

The Directorate of Ventureary Medicine has taken steps to prevent the introduction of knee diseases to governorate in the year. Supports all efforts to successfully carry out the immune system. Vaccine serum for pain and fatal illness, Rift Valley fever 13.5, and water and serum dermatics are 8.5.

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