Tuesday , August 16 2022

We pray to God to wipe out our nation


Dr. Abdullah Fatah Al-Zussi addressed the address. Ali Abdel-Al-Ahmad al Hasan inaugurated the event..

Barber came to the text :

His eldest master, Shri Abdultha al-Asi

President of the Republic

I urge you and my delegates to celebrate the Memorial, which reminds me of my name and members of the House of Representatives, the anniversary of the birth of the prophets, the love of peace and peace, the true religion and wisdom..

It is only by fulfilling the birthday celebration of our Apostle that leads us and marks the best of the future generations after the election of God as a prophet and preacher..

This is a great example of devotion to the noble values ​​of learning from his birth, human love, peace and the prophet, without exaggeration or extremism..

What we need to do today is the greatest happiness to uphold the people of Egypt from the biography of the prophet's beautiful life. It's the best of our hearts and the patterns of our model, the call of the Almighty to cover our nation, cover the crisis,.

Every year you are fine .. God hates hate.

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