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Yarmouk Channel 2018 Frequency "HD"


We are moving forward with you, carrier of the most important materials on NileSite, which shows interest in home and abroad, and we oversee all the news about the channel, where the series of episodes fifth episode 125 or part V is the version of the American Channel of the fourth episode , By immediate updates, we continue this article with you.

The Yarmouk satellite channel is considered one of the most famous satellite channels, which is continually searched for the world's most famous historical series. Artigar is a series of revolutions that have become famous in the Arab and European world. The Yarmouk channel currently represents the fifth part of the Artegral Revolution, its historical epic, through the screen of the Yarmouk Satellite Channel, followed us and the Jermauk satellite channel.

Yarmouk satellite channel

Yarmouk is a Jordanian Arab Channel launched by Satellite Channels to provide new and exclusive items through satellite channels in Channel Channel 2012, the Yarmouk Channel provides the best television services to meet its audience's needs. Television is the most important and quickest way to interact with citizens, so the Yarmouk channel aims to enrich the knowledge and through the valuable values, the aim of the Al Jarmoq channel is to provide independent, up-to-date and targeted media to address its audience in the Arab world at different stages of his age. The Yarmouk Channel is an Arabic family channel which is constantly looking for all the members of the family keeping in mind the principles and values. Rabi
Yarmouk Satellite TV

Dirileş Ertuğrul
Dirileş Ertuğrul

Yarmouk channel programs

The El Yarmouk Channel provides various political and economic cultural and entertainment programs, as well as providing news follow-up to monitor the pulse of the Jordanian and Arab streets. The Yarmouk Channel also opens a hot topic list on the Jordanian Arab Arena.

  • Yarmouk Studio
  • My program
  • First program
  • Bitter Arm
  • Flint's land

Frequency of the Yarmouk satellite channel by Niles Satellite satellite

Channel Frequency Coding Polarization
Yarmouk NileSat 11678 27500 Vertical 4/3
Artificial season
Artificial season

The Yarmouk Channel is a famous migration of the Turkish series Artgrels, which has won many accolades in the Arab world and we monitor every new person through your special site.

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