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Your tongue is your horse;


"Your tongue is your horse; What about popular popular, but indicating signs and health problems appearing on the tongue?

In medical terms, some signs on the tongue warn about health problems and it is often the initial warning signal for diseases that you think are.

According to the physical green and other sources of mind, we have provided you 12 warning signs through your tongue through your tongue. We confirm that this information is normal and is for reference only and is not blocked from visiting a doctor.

1- There is a white layer on the tongue
This white layer appears on the surface of the tongue, as the height of acne, known as mouth salivation. In fact, there are fungus and microorganisms that normally live in our body, but they sometimes get out of control and cause problems.

This fungus appears as a result of the absence of oral bacteriology, which usually retains yeast, besides the use of antibiotics causes fungus growth.

Your teeth and your tongue can be removed permanently by brushing them and checking with your doctor that there is a specific medicine that is pressed into the mouth to bacteria, which lets the fungus grow on the tongue.

2- White dotted tongue
If the rash is white and small, it can be a sign of a mouthpiece, and then clean your mouth every day. If the problem persists or worsens, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

3. Red tongue
If your tongue has an unusual red color, you may be bacterial infections. If you also see that your throat hurts you, then you should look at your doctor immediately for treatment. In the absence of throat pain, the tongue changes only in red because you need to take more vitamin B and iron. Accordingly, eat foods like lentils, pulses, spinach, lean meat and fish.

4. Soft tongue
The tongue is healthy if its tongue is healthy due to the presence of small Pappila. But if your tongue is slim than usual, it indicates vitamin B12 or iron deficiency, which can be an excessive cause of papilla.

5. Black tongue
The black tongue of the bone is a benign condition, in which the Fififormform papilla is expanded and expanded on the tongue's surface, which varies from brown to black.

This happens because Papilla has stopped removing dead skin cells as usual, which allows them to grow for a long time, and then store bacteria and food residues on "hair" and the color here changes to "black".

This situation is associated with many factors, such as:

This condition usually improves, unless there is no long term results until the caretaker agent closes and the patient is careful to clean his mouth.

6. Blue or purple tongue
If your tongue changes to purple or blue, it's probably a sign of weak circulation. However, in some cases the color change indicates a neutral fault. If the problem persists, you should see your doctor.

7- Lines on the tongue
The tongue containing freelancer, grid-like white lines, indicates the problem with the immune system, which is known as the flat surface of the surface, which is a chronic inflammation that destroys the mucous membrane in the mouth.

This condition is due to pain or sensitivity to the mouth, cheeks and lips, as well as white or red rash in the brain cheeks. If you have any of these symptoms, contact your doctor as soon as possible, especially as these conditions can cause other, more serious problems.

Why is the tongue white? (Pixabi)

8. Cracking the tongue
When cracks on your tongue are quite common, deep cracks indicate the problem of the immune system and require professional medical attention. Even if they prove to be benign, cracks on the surface of your tongue are the ideal places to hide bacteria, so you will need to clean your tongue more generally than usual to prevent infection.

9 – patches on the tongue
Irregular white or red rash (also known as "geographic tongue") appearing on the surface of your tongue is a harmless health condition that usually results from mild fuels, such as contact with hot or sour foods. This smoking can be due to excessive smoking or toothpaste or moodiness sensitivity.

10 – ulcers
If you have ulcers on your tongue, or anywhere else in your mouth, and do not recover after more than a week, then you should visit your doctor immediately.

Tongue hyperplasia
Tongue hyperplasia indicates inactivated thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). There are many ways to treat thyroid naturally. However, due to the tongue fluctuation you may need to get medical advice.

12 – Thin tongue
Thin tongue or less visible than normal is a definite target of dehydration. In most cases, you can treat this problem quickly by increasing your daily intake of water. If the problem persists and you are absolutely sure that you drink enough water, you should contact your doctor to find a solution to the problem.

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