Friday , June 18 2021

& # 39; Poison & # 39; 87 million seconds weekend – There are $ spectacular in diversity

In China box office, "poison" gained $ 87 million on weekends. The book "Finastic Bases: The Grinds of Gryndalwald", published in the Middle East, doubled.

Venem's free ticket fees distributed by the Asian theatrical industry consultant Artisan Gateway is just 14 per cent lower than that of 87.2 million dollars. Its 10-day ratio is $ 187 million.

This is the highest in the second weekend with a superhero film in China. Venem box office in China is expected to exceed $ 210 million in North America.

However, the "Grindal Ward" managed only 34.8 million dollars. It gained $ 4.5 million from the performance of the 557 IMAX platforms.

These figures are much bigger than fantasy beats, where to find them. It was released in China in 2016. In the first week, $ 40.8 million was raised to $ 86.0 million.

Friday is similar to "Venus" and "Gryndalwald". The "Grindal Ward" displays over 12,00,000 performances in high-screen counters. Compiled title with over 105,000 displays for "Vengeance".

The box office for all the films released by the $ 146 million, according to Artisan Gateway. 9.7 percent of the year 2017 is 7.45 billion dollars annually.

This weekend is the third place in China where China's new film "Cool Fish" takes 8.9 million dollars. Japan's "Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer" took place in the second weekend with $ 5.1 million. Ten days later, it's $ 15.8 million in cumulative.

China's Film, "Lost Letter," a romance acted by Shaw Sueon, though well-placed at the fifth place. It grossed 4.5 million dollars in its second week, down 17 percent from its $ 5.4 million mark.

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