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A tomb gathering with some 200 pieces of food in eastern Ethiopia was Ethiopia News


Ethiopian police found more than 200 bodies. Officials said the link between the Omorian and Somali regions has been revealed.

The Fana Broadcasting Corp. has been investigating an investigation by Liyo policeman, formerly known as Abdi Mohammad Omar, a former president of the Soviet province.

On August 6, the relationship with Asi was disconnected. Then there was encounters in the capital of Jinjiang and surrounding towns. He is currently in detention for allegedly alleged human rights violations.

According to the police, the police should give 14 days and forensic examination of the bodies.

Indeed, we're looking at a war crime and crime against humanity if these mass graves are proved to be related to a systematic attack on the local population, "says Avell Alto, an expert in Kyle University School of Law, and expert Al-Jazeera at Al Jazeera.

"The man can not really wash his hands in the middle of this drama."

& # 39; Absolute Control & # 39;

Over the last two decades, the violence has ended in the fight against the violent Ogden National Liberation Front (ONLF) in the eastern region over the last two decades.

Human rights groups often criticize the human rights abuses of Abdi.

In July, Group-based group Human Rights Watch (HRWThe intelligence team alleged that Abdi and members of the ONLF were tortured.

In a letter to Commissioner of the African Commission of Human and People's Rights, human rights violations, rape, Liyu police were included directly in the Jiggia Central Jail.

Unofficial armed "was directly responsible, and he (Abdi) had been faithful even long before he became president, and he had full control of his position as president."

Ethiopian officials in August said that Liu Police had attacked 41 people and injured 20.

& # 39; Responsibility of Responsibility & # 39;

Somalia and Oromaz confront border areas with claims of landlords and resources over the past monthsHundreds of people were killed.

Following his tenure in power in April, Prime Minister Abihamid has supervised a number of reforms. For decades these policies have been pursued to keep the state out of strong security policies.

But Abi continues as the Prime Minister's biggest domestic challenge.

However, Mustafa Omar, a human rights activist who lived in exile, was appointed as acting president of the Somali province in the right direction.

"At the Center, the federal government has adopted a broader understanding of the transformation of political nature, but the responsibility of the victims of human rights is part of this transformation."

Al Jazeera, news agencies

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