Sunday , September 25 2022

A useful new feature from WhatsApp Android version



The most used instant messaging app in the world WhatsApp A nice detail appeared to delight the users.

Facebook Owned WhatsAppContinues to evolve. Popular practice at this time Fingerprint security system Has arrived Today, the number of phones with fingerprint sensor is very low. This new system, which is good for almost everyone in this regard, seems to be adding security to Android. In the new infrastructure, the application can be leaked with fingerprint. This means that people who receive your phone can't access any of your content without your fingerprint. Recently Published 2.19.221 Android Beta This feature will be enabled for all Android users soon. Very useful for security / privacy, it also allows you to answer incoming calls when locked. So when it comes to calls, you don't have to deal with fingerprint links. This is a key detail, especially for devices with integrated sensors.

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There are other cool improvements to WhatsApp

Company A Universal Windows Platform (UWP) The app is developing. It is said that people can continue to communicate through the Windows app even when their phones are off. This seems really handy and has long been sought by many users. When the future is unknown WhatsApp The UWP application marks the beginning of a multi-platform era for popular service. Phone-independent processing Bring it to the Mac side When called upon, the features offered are constantly increasing.

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