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After 52 years of winning the final, Stead Abhijen discovered the glory of the more CF

Johannesburg (AFP) – Ivory Coast's stadium Abijan will enter the second phase CF Confederations Cup this week – after 52 years of being Africa's champion.

They defeated the first leg loss of two goals in the match against Real Bamako of Mali in 1966 to win the African Cup of Champions Clubs (after changing the name of KAF Champions League).

But Abijahan's outfit has never come near to repeat the feat and started the first Confederations Cup campaign in Mauritania's Nouakchott Kings.

Kings are an unknown quantity, but Mauritania is a country in African football that qualifies for the first week's presidential appearance.

In the first round of 2018/2019 edition, there are 44 clubs staged.

Here are five of the AFP Sport:

Stade Abjizan

After the African Cup winning cup and the CF Cup, the stadium was released to become the first ever iWorian winner of the 2004 competition.

Savage had approached San-Pedro as he lost the goal against Miss Al-Ahli in the final of the 2014 finals, giving him the sole goal of a six-minute second goal in the stoppage time.

When the stadium was competing in Africa six decades ago, Kings were the first African evangelists for the first time, hoping to follow Noudibu, who beat other Ivorian clubs last season.

Al Ahli Shandy

This continent will be the 8th Confederations Cup performance by the Sudanese Club situated in the heart of 210 km (130 mi) northeast of Cartom.

But after reaching the group stage in his first campaign, he failed six times to match the feat.

They present the Democratic Republic of Congo in the first phase of the lower league club Nookie because they try to migrate continuously to a good domestic form in the African Arena.

Angu Rangers

Last month, 13 minutes left from the Nigerian FA Cup final, Anguci's presence appeared in the Confederations Cup, because they kept Kano Pillars behind with three goals.

But a noticeable return saw the unidentified Ibrahim is similar in the stoppage times and the Rangers won the Confederations Cup and won the penalty shootout to get a fifth shot.

Angu, whose best past performance reached the 2004 group stage, has the advantage of home on the Ethiopian defense force, and it produces one sider.

Miracle Bandran

The first venture of the Comoros FA Cup winner Miracle D. Bandrán began in the crash as he fought against Al-Itihad in Libya.

They do not have a little chance to abolish Tripoli Club, but they face huge travel bills, taking the length of the continent to the second stage.

Return matches will probably be held in Tunisia because CAF currently bans international fixtures in Libya following the military violence of the Mobier Kaddafi era.

Kaiser Chiefs

The most crowded sailors with Saweto decor chiefs, the most successful club in South Africa and the great rival Orlando Pirates, have long been performing well in Africa.

Before and after winning the final of the African Cup Winners Cup in 2001, the chief convention was not proud to be among the top clubs.

Another damage to Pirates this season means that the Nimit chief team, whose Zimbabweans will host Willard Kamsand and Khama Baliyat, from Zanzibar to Minaz Zimmoto.

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