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Amazon, after big hiring, experiment with sports media strategy – interviews


New York (Reuters) – When chief executive Jeff Bescos smoothed in the booths of NFL Commissioner Rojer Güdel during the Super Bowl in February, the media world was exploded with the expectation of the dominant dominance of Amazon's sports media.

Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, during the JFK Space Summit, celebrates the moon's 50th anniversary, in Boston's John F. Kennedy Library, May 19, 2019 in the USA, Massachusetts, in the US Reuters / Catherine Tyler

Two years after entering the live sports streaming for the first time, Amazon still has settled on the strategy as it continues to experiment and analyze consumer behavior, Global Sports Video Vice President Mary Dongue told Reuters.

After taking the sports media division of the world's largest online retailer, last year, Donah said in its first interview in New York this week, "We are actually a day in the game, so we learn and experiment."

The advent of Walt Disney Company's ESPN Cable Network, about 20 years of experienced Donogeu and & # 39; 30 to 30 & # 39; series and & # 39; Who is responsible for the show, including OJ: Maid in America, shows the new level of seriousness for Amazon's business. Live games.

The real impact of its arrival is being seen, which has not stopped talking about big tech takeover of live sports like Amazon, Facebook Inc.FBO), Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) And Alphabet Ink (GOOGL.O) YouTube's threat to remove TV clutter in one of the last remaining reasons for payment for live television

Technical companies and startup digital platforms – such as DZNN, agreed to pay a minimum of $ 365 million in five years for boxing champion Canolo Alvarez in October, the richest deal in the sports history – it is also seen to run media rights costs when the main contracts start. . Coming to renewal in 2021

Will Amazon pack for following streaming rights for live sports? Donogu said, "We do not talk about specific rights … of course, of course, we are still not sure".

Since 2017, Amaze has won some Premier League Soccer matches in England, in the U.K. In the Open Tennis Championships and Thursday Night Football's three seasons, digital rights have been broken.

Donogu stated that Amazon's current subscribers are focused on how, when, when and where they are watching almost every element of their viewing experience.

As a streaming service, "we do not need to serve the same content in every way," she said.

Amazon learns about what games are successful and what they offer, Amazon analyzes market research and its own viewership data, as well as consumers use its X-ray equipment for excavation in show details.

She also co-streams Thursday Night Football on the Twitch Video Game Streaming Platform, which is an interactive extension that lets viewers predict game development, in which they think she wins.

"We're seeing it all," said Donoghue. "We want to use live sports to run value for prime customers."

Reported by Hilary Juice, edited by Franklin Paul

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