Saturday , February 4 2023

Antising too much to avoid an offshore "scavenger"



W & T Offshore, (WTI) is the "scavenger" of assets that have been weak or less developed in the past. They benefit the benefits of not exceeding the type of infrastructure facilities, as they have been done by previous operators. This helps the CAPCES to focus better on construction, which is the end of the line in the field development.

The Mexico-Gomani Gulf, the Continental Shelf (areas of blue blocks), have been mostly abandoned by big singers, Shells, BP, Chevron and others. Usually these companies are so large that they do not move needles to find one million barrels of oil. Periodically these companies use "high grade" of their portfolio, which means they have auctioned the matching assets in their original strategy. About twenty years ago, the supermarket had largely abandoned the "core" of the shelf, and it was considered more in other companies.


A man's table becomes scraps, others' flesh and potatoes, because he says, and smart operators like WTII get into it. They like the logo, take a new look on the geographic data with modern processing algorithms and set them to work on significant new reserves (notably them anyway), and development plans.

It should be noted that some deep-water cultivation in GMM is still being high-grade. An example will place deep-water Gum content on the ExxonMobil, (XOM) block.

Recently the shares of WTI …

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