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Bid Studies Mixed News Fish Oil, Vitamin D.


Taking fish oil or vitamin D? Who do you think how big research will get from these nutritious foods?

Fish oils taken by healthy people are not very clear in many nutrients but are not clear about the risk of cardiovascular or cancer. Vitamin D is the same

But heart deaths have declined in the hearts of clean and refined fish oils, high blood vessels, a fat in the blood and other heart attacks. The doctors decided that a new treatment would be given to hundreds of patients.

Of US adults, 10 per cent are bought by fish oil. Although there are no major studies to support a number of health claims, it is more than vitamin D.

Dr James Steyn said that the vitamin D did not show much in the absurd experimentation. Dr. Hart Specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison University James Stein said. Companies involved were not involved in studies or relationships.

Saturn results in an American Heart Association Conference in Chicago.

About Fish Oil

Also known as omega 3 fatty acids, these oils are found in salmon, tuna and other fishes. They reduce triglycerides, inflammation and other effects. There are different types of EPA and DHA.

On the 4 g day, a gram of vaseline was checked by Amin Corps. High triglycerides are over 8000 patients suffering from AIDS. There is already a statistic like a lipster or a soccer to reduce cholesterol. Half is provided by Vasudeva and the rest. Mineral oil capsules are a comparison.

About five years later, at least 17% of these patients are suffering from heart failure – a stroke, a heart attack, a heart attack, a heart attack, and 22% of the surgery.

This helped to reduce the risk by 25 percent. Individually, heart attack, heart related deaths and strokes were all looking vaguely. Steven said 21 people will be required to vacacinate for five years to prevent one of the major issues of learning.

The side effects may be anxiety: most people are suffering from anemia due to heart failure – up to 2 percent of the comparative group is 3 percent. The doctors say it is difficult for doctors because other research suggests that fisheries will reduce that risk.

Heart attacks are expected to cause heart problems. However, the accidents in Vaspapa have declined. Brigam, Boston of Boston, Deepak Bhatt said.

Vasafpa spending $ 280 a month; Many insurers cover it. Amin was a sponsor of the study and some study leaders worked on the company.

According to another study, fish oils sold 1 EP / DHA combo sold as a lavas or oakler per day, and in general form – 26,000 people have no pre-heart or cancer.

Five years later, strokes, strokes and other problems were a comparable group of fish oil consumers. Cancer cost and death were the same.

Fish oils have a shortage of heart attacks. Dr. Brigam and Woman John Monson is called a "considerable benefit." But many independent experts say.

"These findings have to be speculated and specifically tested." Dr. Clement's clinic Said Steven Nisson.

Fish contrasts?

Two studies share a problem: oils used for comparative groups, which may not be the actual placebos. Vasppa study used mineral oil. Interactions with static drugs, high levels of cholesterol, and the comparative group has become more vulnerable and Vasbepa felt better than it actually was.

Another study also used olive oil, which may have contributed to improved comparability, and possibly concealing any other benefits from fish oil.

Two studies have suggested that comparative oils are not capable of change. Compared to Nissan, grain oil that leads to another fish oil study.

& # 39; Sunshine & # 39; Vitamin

Monson's study also tested Vitamin D. Milk, eggs and oily fish are hard to get enough. Some studies have found that low-level D (C) cancer patients are more likely to develop a cancer, but do not know whether they are changing the risk.

Participants in the study took 2,000 international units of D-3 (vitamin D's most active form, collecalephapholes) or fake vitamin caps for up to five years.

There will be no problems like heart attack, stroke and cancer development. The researchers have found that people who have cancer are less likely to have cancer since the first two years have been eliminated.

"It can take years for the development of cancer, so no difference will be shown soon," Manson said, "It seems to be a guarantee, if the population keeps this trend will be studied for a long time.

Other numbers say that these numbers indicate the possible benefits of further studies.

"This should be interpreted as positive precautionary results by Dr. Clifford Rozson of the Mayine Medical Center Research Institute, Dr. John Kaneini Jr. of the Massachusetts University, and wrote in an interpretation in the medical journal.

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