Monday , May 29 2023

Breaking News: Derek Boatage Against John Paitt dismisses a case against borrowing


20,000 dollars to former Daredevil boteng against former international team of players John Pointe. The court ordered the lawyer and the payment of senior players.

The Accraâ € ™ s court rejected Botany's claim that he was smuggled into the penalty area at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The court, headed by Justice Jennifer Akhwa Togo, ruled that Boatgenen, a former AIK stockholder superstore, had no good to claim.

Boatong also demanded that the corporate bank should repay the interest rate from the amount raised by the monetary fund until the end of the monthly payment.

The former fullhum and ghetto asked me for pencils. The legal fees are damaging, the hate of former friends, hate speech,

The former international midfield midfielder said in a penalty that he did not pay a penny.

I have taken a summons from the court on this issue. It has been discussed with my lawyer to take legal action, "Kasaba told AFP Sports.

I can tell you that the debt did not deter.

"I was not owed him to a penny, but now that I am in the court, I will talk more and leave it to the judiciary.

He lives in London and lives in Ghana after a successful international career with a footballer in Ghana, claiming that he lives in London and a football player named John Pencil, according to the complainant's claim.

Ghana Black Stars' team and Bonnie (Peying), participated in the 2010 World Cup tournament in South Africa.

When the team was in South Africa, they borrowed $ 20,000 from the boat and offered him money in the camp, but later promised to pay for the club.

Because they play for the national team, they are convinced that they do not accept cash for accepting cash, and the opposition will be spending money on volunteers.

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