Tuesday , March 9 2021

Champion Cheyak, Chechen player, is competing in the Shanghai Marathon in Kenya

Nairobi: Tokyo marathon champion Sara Sheppiri and Flameness Chechak will attend Kenya's Shanghai International Marathon.

Ethiopia's Tiesta Tafa, a program that achieved a three-year course, But, after the injury in 2018, they must first take out, Xinhua news agency reported.

"In Shanghai, where we will return to the world championships and the Olympic Games in 2020, this year's best performance is in Nairobi.

"I believe I would like to know how my body will react without such time, and I believe that it will help me get back again," said 34-year-old.

"But it will not leave me alone, because we have better runners than the lover who succeeds, how to make day and night tactics."

Meanwhile, former Commonwealth Games Champion Cuac has been beaten this year, and the NK marathon in March reached the 19th spot at 2:33:01 in March.

Cheyech, who completed the 71.04 in Eldoret Half Marathon in October, said: "Because I was injured in Japan, I have been facing long competition.

"We are ready for competition," she said. Shanghai is my next stop. I can run well and get a gold medal.

Ethiopia's ebbwew melase can be captured. Yellow River in Dongying, China, has been clocked at 2:27:47 to take the second place in the International Marathon at 2:19:36, while it took more than three minutes in Dubai to 2:27:47. This will be the third marathon match of this year.

Helen Tola Bekel, who celebrates her 24th birthday next week, is another woman to watch. After completing the 2015 season, Ethiopian has improved the best of every season, and recently it reduced Berlin 2:22:48.

Kenya's former world record, Dennis Kimeto, is in a field field field. In the men's category, Kenya topped the record for 2015 at 2:07:14.

Kimoto, the second best runner ever, has not completed a marathon since April 2016. It was a performance of two years ago by Emrie Kipchoz's career best 2:02:57.

Ethiopia's Tsygi Mekonen (23) is the second fastest entry. Dubai Marathon won his best 2:04:32. His partner Saifu Tura is also in the field.

Ethiopia's Yitayal Atnafu, 2,800 in Houston Marathon's second Sub-2 runners, Abel Kipsang in Kenya, 2:07:30 at Shanghai and second and third in 2015 and 2016.

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