Tuesday , May 17 2022

China's Diemen Aston Martin is raising profits


Aston Martin's profit has doubled since the creation of strong sales in China and Great Britain. The first set results of the listed carmaker listed company.

In the October-October London Stock Exchange, the company earned revenues from £ 28m and £ 54m in the third quarter. Revenue rose by 81% to 282 million. Pre-tax profits rose 3.1 million pounds over £ 0.3 million last year.

The sales of cars rose by more than doubled to 1,776 units. Aunty's new DB 11 cars and a Vandaj sports car were introduced, while sales from China doubled. In the UK market, more than two thirds of sales.

Aston said that this year 6,200-6,400 cars will be sold.

The operation of the group is in the process of opening the second plant in the world. The plant has a capacity ranging from 7,000 to 14,000 units. Current SUV

The site started with the first DBX prototyes. Production is expected to begin in 2020.

"We are proud of the results of a listed company," said Chief Executive Andy Palmer.

"These powerful results are guaranteed to meet our full year's goals at the top end of the DXX model and the new models, including the DBS superblager and special editions, will start future production as it starts production at a new plant in St.Authan."

The company's main purpose is the Aston project of the Ferrari rival in the DXX, margins, which was launched earlier this week.

Austin's income margin is expected to exceed 23% of the year.

The low-cost V8 editions of Deb11 and entry-level VGNs have fallen by 7 per cent each year on average.

The stock was closed in the middle of 1611, with the stocking of shares in the mid-October 1900.

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