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Ebola outbreaks: Congolese victims are attacked when the virus spreads


Conflicts between extremist groups and government forces have been difficult to bring health problems into areas where the challenges are serious.

On Friday evening, the armed group tried to attack the United Nations peacekeepers in Benin, in the northern Kiev province.

The attack took place near the Ebola Response Emergency Operation Center. The Health Ministry has revealed in a hotel where many Ebola health workers live.

After several hours of fighting, the peacekeepers withdrew. But all terrorist acts were suspended on Saturday in Binayak. The Emergency Operations Center was closed and teams stayed in their hotels.

Seven cops were killed and 10 were wounded last week, according to the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Congo.

The UN said in a statement that the Allied coalition allied itself with the Allied Forces Alliance and joined forces with the Congolese armed forces in an operation to "restore peace and stability in the Beni region."

Public Health Olympic minister Yelnga Kalega said that the Ebola Virus virus, which caused severe strokes in the northern Kiv province of the Congo,

Among the dead are the kine

This year, in the second district of the province, in the northern Kiev province, before spreading to the eastern province of Ituriyah province. The tenth goal is to have Ebola console since 1976.

Ebola is the worst in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Of the reported cases, 311 were confirmed by Ebola. The Health Ministry reveals that Ebola has been caught and 166 people are settled.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding women and newborn babies are also infected, according to the World Health Organization. About 30 health workers are affected.

Spray fear

Congo is bordering with nine countries. The United Nations fears that Ebola can spread into South Sudan due to illness.

Doctors Without Borders in the Congo Teams have been deployed to neighboring Uganda. No case has been confirmed yet.
Contemporary outbreaks of Congo's neighbors broke out
Yet, World Heritage Organization said Thursday that "the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other neighboring countries are more likely to outbreak".

Kalega, from the Ministry of Health, takes a video early on Saturday morning at the health ministry's Facebook page.

"Community-based surveillance and the ability to protect his family and neighborhoods against viruses can report on the lives of every inhabitant and illness and suspected cases," he wrote.

    A health worker in the town of Butembo carries a suspicious four-day baby without Ebola.


In 1976, Ebola first appeared in Sudan and Congo. It is one of the world's most infectious diseases with a direct contact with the blood or other body fluids of infected people.

Ebola fast facts

Ebola, fever, acute headaches, and sometimes bleeding. A person diagnosed with a contaminated body can be directly linked to contaminants. In some cases, contact with a person who has been infected with a virus is getting involved.

The eye, nose and mouth enter the body of the virus through your skin or mucous membrane. It can be spread through sexual contact.

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