Saturday , July 2 2022

Ethiopia: House Stands Ground in Standing Committee Chairpersonary


On Friday, November 8, 2018, eight MPs were elected by the Parliament. When nominated by two candidates, they have legislated to hire about half of the eight standing committees.

Defense Ministry officials Mummuma Michaasa and Ashwija Auregavi were nominated for Foreign Affairs, Peace, Revenue, Budgeting and Finance Affairs Standing Committees.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mistress McConnen said the standpoint of Parliament's commitment to democratization and reforming processes is clear.

On November 6, the parliamentary debate on the organizing of Standing Committees was the same. In a two-hour talks, the Coalition committee decided to reduce the number of members by half. But Motamma, Amanulal Abraham, deputy government whip. Proposals have been made to raise the chair of the committees to a ministerial position for another session.

"Our main focus is whether or not the executive will be able to lead the executive organs to effectively supervise the executive organs of the state." MP Anhanathie Gaimi, who led the urban development project, said. The Transport Affairs Standing Committee said.

Amanavel was appointed chairman of the Judiciary, Justice & Democracy Affairs Standing Committee. Instead, Fosia nominated Amine. Votes unitedly the rest of the nominee.

Four of the 20 Standing Committee chairpersons have failed but have been approved.

Speaker Taggela Chōfo, Parliament Speaker, said: "The reduction of 20 to 10 is for the effective use of resources."

The Standing Committee will consist of 20 to 43 sub-factors depending on the nature of organs which are supervised by committees. The speaker has the power to make MPs as candidates in a total of 334 members.

Women, Youth and Social Affairs; There are 40 sub-divisions under the Human Resources & Technology & Agriculture and Agriculture and Pastoral and Environmental Conservation Affairs Stringing Committee.

Leadership opposition leaders opposed the decision of parliamentary standing committees.

"The idea behind the strengthening of the Stanry Committees to intervene effectively to executive organs is appreciated," said opposition leader Yelkal Gehnnet. "But Parliament is still unable to check the administrative weaknesses of the state."

There is also doubt about denying two nominees. They also claim to be more personal in their professional capacity.

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