Saturday , June 19 2021

Flu jub stocks have been sent

As reported Express and StarAll the balls of the flu jub are now shipped across the UK and made available to those in need

All the orders of the new and improved flu jeb distributed across the country. NHS England said. Ensuring that senior health ministries will provide their vaccines.

The vaccine that causes the vaccine is due to scarring due to fear.

Many people are concerned about this stage. Pulse's 650 GP survey was 68.5% less frequent.

But the vacuum distributor Sequiroz has now brought final prizes to England.

People over the age of 65 are encouraged and encouraged by the NHL's "Jokes Vacuum Vacuum Vaccine Program".

8.5 million people get free pre-winter vaccine.

This is our biggest infection program that offers more people than the best opportunities to save yourself. Professor Jane Cuamings, chief nursing officer in England, said.

"This year, three types of vaccines are used, the advanced trivalent flu vaccine or ATV should provide better care for people aged 65 and older.

"AITV has been distributing since September and all vaccines are now being sent to Gps and pharmacies, and we encourage those who are not able to catch them as soon as possible.

"An estimated 8.5 million dose vaccines have been ordered and about 100,000 drugs. * We note that increase in numbers is higher than those of people over 65 and 45.2 percent.

"Adults and long-term states should be protected by other groups, such as pregnant and child-it is not too late for people to vaccise."

Professor of medical director of public health UK Paul Cosford added: "Flu can be very serious and can kill the most dangerous ones, and vaccination is the best defense for us.

"The vaccine will be given free of cost to anyone with flu who is flu.

"The best way to prevent swelling of swine is to prevent good vaccine and keep your hands clean.

"Hold the cells and sneezers in a tissues, put the tissue, wash your hands."

Professor of Chief Medical Officer in England Damy Sally Davis said: "Flu can kill, vaccine is the best way to protect those around you.

"More vaccine is now available than ever, and I strongly encourage everyone in a weaker section to contact their GP or pharmacy and buy jab."

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