Friday , January 28 2022

Fluo shoot should be done on December 31 for 3 to 4 year olds


WATERBURY – If you have a three-or four-year-old pre-K, it takes some time to get a flip shot.

In the waterbrier, if hundreds of children are in danger of keeping their home from the pre-kicked, they will be provided with support from the Health Department if they do not agree with a state law.

Friday's Office of Early Childhood offers free flu vaccines for the first child's children within the next two days.

Three or four year old girls who wish to join the pre-kick have been given state law on December 31.

"Shots are shaking," Joan Torres of the Waterbury said of her granddaughter in her cheek.

"We're trying to mislead him and we're talking about something else when we're ready to give them a shot," said Watt, a waterberry pre-school nurse, Fletcher Wright.

In a child's first year of pre-k, they must take a second flu shot 28 days after the first day.

However, there are exemptions to the pre-KS regime and some diseases and medicines do not allow vaccines including children.

The free pre-flu flower shot in the waterberry is December 12th.

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