Friday , August 19 2022

How is your child's cleaner clean? Mother's saliva may be preserved


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Way Epic Edwards

The latest research on allergic resistance in children will ensure parents or completely free them.

Washing the baby's Pacific If you find this, olivia or mito allergen is less likely to be made.

"A child will have a great deal of influence on their immune system when in infancy," Dr. Allergies and immunologist Dr. Henry Ford said in Henry Ford Health System, Elian Abu told Abu Jude that the main author of the new study. In this case, positive microorganisms seem to come from a mother's mouth.

Abu Ja'ud and his colleagues passed a year after the birth of 128 new mothers.

74 whose hands the feet were washed with the hands. 41 percent of the equipment has been sterilized. But only 12 percent of them are separating them from their lips.

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