Friday , January 27 2023

Janet, Liam and Slothai in his pants: Saturday Glastonbury | Art and design


Janet Jackson on the Pyramid Stage

Janet Jackson pyramid gives judgment on stage.

Liam Galghar Pyramid on stage.

Liam Gallagher invites BBC & # 39; s camera and runs.

Slowth at West Holt

Distinguished in Boxers: Slothai performs at West Holt.

Exhibit on Lizo and co-West holts.

Here's getting interest: Lizo West Holt.

  • Photos: Neil Hall / EPA, Leon Neal / Getty, Henry Nicholas / Reuters,

Festival golfers Lewis Capelli performs at other stages.

There is nothing troubling about the display of their enthusiasm for the Louis Capladi fan.

Pyramid represents Anne-Marie on stage.

Annie-Marie sets up her pyramid stage set set scale.

Chemical Brothers at other stages

During the other stage shows of Camera Brothers, Frankie Dancing

Festival ballers caught in beach balls run behind other stages.

Glastonbury-on-Sea messenger group, maybe.

Morbeby's Ski Edwards

Morbecha's attractive ski edwards.

Shades of shades

On Saturdays Saturday afternoon was a Shelter Premium during a heat trap.

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