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Last ball of AFCN qualifying tasks


Baphan Bapan players

Baphan Bapan players

Johannesburg, (CAJ News) – African Football, a punching bag in Continental football, will feature duo-die diving qualifiers for the AFCON 2019 World Cup this weekend.

The campaign included three South African Development Community (SDC) dhabas by Mozambique against Zamboni, Malawi, Lesotho and Tanzania from Zambia.

Last month, teams from Madagascar participated in the tournament.

Group G leaders will be eligible to follow the hiking trail in the Zimbabwe island community and start a tournament for the next year's Cameron.

The 1996 champion South African champions who have won the group A and Group Nam in Namibia are likely to be in the future for this weekend.

On the third position Angola is in Group B against Burkina Faso

Botswana, collapsed in the same group.

Tanzania continues to be second. Lesotho's quarterfinals, who qualified for qualification.

The Nigerian Super Eagles will take part in the South African hockey tournament at the FNB stadium in Johannesburg.

Incidentally, visitors have sweet memories in this podium, where they won the third title in 2013.

South Africa won the first prize at the 2010 FIFA World Cup after replacing it

The chorus will be planned on Saturday. Cape Verde will host the Cape Town Nelson Mandela National Stadium in Uganda. Guine Bissau will be in Sam Noumou Stadium, Namibia.

In the fight against Malibi in the Maldivian Maliane, Maldivo is located in Liberty, Equatorial Guinea, hosted by Ecuador de Bato in Malabo. The Gambia Benin will host the Independence Stadium at Banjul.

A historic speech with Madagascar hostess Sudan on Sunday at Antananivo's CNAPS stadium is taking a carnival atmosphere.

Ethiopia welcomes the largest continents in Ghana at the Adis Ababa Stadium in Addis Ababa.

Kenya Sierra Leone and Mozambique in the MoI International Sports Center in Nairobi will compete in 2012 champions Zambia and play in the Estado de Sympato in Maputo, South Africa.

AISWATINI led the Mawaso Sports Center in Mbabane.

The Hostel Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) of Brazzaville Brazzaville is the Step Alfonso Masababa-Debat, Angada 11th and the Angola Host Burkina Faso in Nova Scotia.

Group G Log leaders travel to Liberia at the Samuel Kanyani Dr Sports Complex in Mourovini, Mordonia, Stade Olympic Nouakchott, Zimbabwe. Rwanda, central African Republic (car) in Kenari in the 28th of September will be declared at the Ivory Coast Stand Guinee in Kigali.

Saturday, November 17, 2008
Comoros Vs. Malawi: Standard de bumer, (14h00)
South Africa Vs. Nigeria: FNB stadium, (15h00)
Uganda Vs. Cape Verde: Nelson Mandela National Stadium, (15h00)
Namibia Vs. Guinea-Bissau: Sam Najama Stadium, (16 hours)
Gabon Vs. Mali: STD DL Amity, (17h00)
Equatorial Guinea Vs. Senegal: Estado de Bato, (17h00)
Gambia Vs. Benin: Independence Stadium, (18h30)

Sunday, November 18, 2008
Madagascar Vs. Sudan: The CNAPS Stadium, (13h30)
Ethiopia Vs. Ghana: Addis Ababa Stadium, (15h00)
Kenya Vs. Sierra Leone: Moi International Sports Center, (15h00)
Mozambique Vs. Zambia: Estado zimbabondo, (15h30)
Swaziland Vs. Niger: Mawasu Sports Center, (15h30)
Lesotho Vs. Tanzania: Sets sports stadium, (16 hours)
Congo Vs. Congo: STUDFOLSON MASBUM-DBAT, (16h30)
Angola Vs. Burkina Faso: Estadio 11 November, (17h00)
Liberia Vs. Zimbabwe: Samuel Kanyon Dr Sports Complex, (18h00)
Mauritania Vs. Botswana: Fast Olympic Knuckout, (19h00)
Guinea Vs. Côte d'Ivoire: Stade 28 September, (19h00)
Rwanda Vs. Central African Republic, The TBA will be announced, (23h30).

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