Saturday , September 24 2022

Leon Vs Manchester City: Champions League – Live! | Football


Good news for Leon is because Nabil Fikir is right for the start. According to Yufa's graphic, which can not be perfectly accurate, the host will continue to play with the back and two in the wing back, which will be something from 4-4-1-1 in the revolutionary departure so that they are successfully functioning. Against Man City in Etihad Musa is out of Dimple and also makes a Leon Bench.

Fernandinho, Riyad Mahrzez and David Silva, who have occupied midfield barths, Phil Foden does not start for the city. John Stones Returns to Nicholas Autamandi, Alexander Zhenchenko is for Eilek Gundogan instead of Fabien Delf and Riyad Mahrz.

Leon: Lops, Denier, Marcelo, Markle, da Silva, Nombebi, Aure, Mandy, Cornet, Depe, Ficir.

SubS: Gorillen, Terrier, Trere, Morel, Tate, Shaikh, Taoubert.

Man City Ederson, Walker, Stones, Leport, Zhenchenko, Mahrz, Fernandinho, Silva, Sene, Augeiro, Sterling.

SubS: Muric, Daniilo, Companie, Delf, Autamandi, Foden, Diaz.

Referee: Jianlanka Rocchi (Italy)

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